The most used JavaScript array methods

Siful Islam
2 min readNov 3, 2020
Javascript array methods

Whenever I try to make something using JavaScript, I have to use some of those methods. I am going to demonstrate the most used JS array methods.

  1. concat: Concat method marge two arrays and produce a new array. Remember it doesn't replace the existing arrays.
  2. every: Every method returns a boolean value. Either it will be true or false. Every method checks the conditions that all the values passed on the array match with the conditions.
  3. filter: Filter is the most used array method in JS. Filter methods take the arrays and return a new array after checking the conditions.
  4. find: Find returns the first element of the array which fulfill the condition. It returns a number.
  5. findIndex: FindIndex returns the first index of the array which fulfill the condition. It also returns a number.
  6. forEach: forEach return array values once for every elements. Note, It does not return values.
  7. indexOf: If you need to find an index of a value this method perfect for that.
  8. join: Join method return a string of all elements of the array. You can separate elements using space, comma, hyphens, etc.
  9. map: Map works the same as forEach but the only difference is map create a new array then show every element.
  10. lastaIndexOf: This method returns the last index number of the provided elements on the array. If it does not found it will return -1.
  11. pop: The pop method removes the last elements of that array and returns it.
  12. push: The push method adds a new element to the array and returns the new length.
  13. reduce: reduce the return of a new output of array and provided function results.
  14. sort: sort method returns the sorted array. we can sort ascending or descending. the default sort is ascending. First, it converts elements into a string than compare it to UTF-16 code unit values.

If you came this far that's mean you read the whole post. Thank you.